Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Accommodations In The Workplace

Accommodations should be assessed on a case by case basis and take into consideration an individuals limitations. A great resource for both individuals and employers regarding reasonable accommodations can be found online through  the Job Accommodation Network (JAN). Listed below, you will find a few suggestions regarding accommodations for individuals with back impairments.

  1. Schedule periodic rest breaks away from workstation
  2. Allow a work from home schedule
  3. Implement ergonomic workstation design (height adjustable desk, chair)
  4. Make sure materials and equipment are within reach, at or near waist level
  5. Provide parking close to work-site
  6. Provide a cart to move files, mail, and supplies
  7. Install automatic door openers
  8. Provide anti-fatigue mats and stand/lean stools for functions requiring long periods of standing

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